About Us

Our Facility And Technology

Our facility is established in 2 May 1998, and particularly the fact that Turkey is one of the most important problems of the country and all over the world P.V.C. , polyethylene, antishock, pet, such as recycling of various kinds of plastic waste, that is, in a sense, re-milled to the original micronized state to bring the economy. Our monthly capacity is 700 tons in one shift. We provide service with our fully automatic and advanced technology machines which are designed and modernized by the founder Bülent Çakırer. Scrap, defective or faulty non-production plastic products that come to our factory such as pen, plastic pipes, hose, paneling, pipe shavings are first cleaned from foreign materials, then ground in micronized powder machines, weighed in one-ton big-bag and forklift assistance is made ready for shipment. During grinding, the grinding temperatures are automatically adjusted according to the type of material so as not to disturb the chemicals in it. Our machines are air, water and fan cooled. Around the ground, it is cooled by a special system. Thus, the temperature does not exceed 30-45 degrees.

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